Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Eau De Toilette Review


I think for many, this is the Marmite of the fragrance world. It has split opinions world over due to its distinctive fragrance. This was first created in 1995 and really stood out from the crowd with its notes of mint, vanilla and bergamot – a blend not usually associated with muscle bound gods! This unusual combination was a big step away from the usual musk, spice and wood scents that dominated the male fragrance market…then Jean Paul Gaultier has never been one to shy and retire into the background!

I first discovered this around 6 years ago when doing my usual ‘sniff and run’ in a department store. The scent of this lingered on my skin for hours afterwards which I really liked. If I am going to fork out money on a fragrance I want it to be long lasting. It’s longevity is fantastic – one of the best out of my fragrance collection. The scent of this at first captivated me – it is an extremely fresh fragrance and spritzing on makes you smell as though you’ve just stepped out of a steamy shower. You feel fresh, clean and ready to go!

Then what happens is very interesting. The fresh notes of mint and vanilla continue to present themselves, but a warmer, spicier undertone begins to develop of cumin and cinnamon. This really is a fragrance that develops the entirety of the time it’s worn. It’s complex and dare I say…sensual. When I wear this…I get a lot of compliments from women. One of my friends finds this the sexiest fragrance she’s ever smelt!

However, this is merely my opinion and as I say, it really is a love or hate kind of fragrance. My OH can’t stand this. I however wear it everyday as my ‘day fragrance’ at the moment. To me it’s classy. It’s classic. With a sharp suit, crisp white shirt and perfectly adjusted tie…this addition really ties a bow around the whole classic look.

I know many are put off by the bold packaging. Personally I think it’s great – a real statement. I would highly recommend you give this one a shot. You never know – you may end up loving it. 18 years on it’s still going strong. That says quite a lot in my book.



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