Biona Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil Review


Now time to review one of the most versatile beauty products I’ve ever come across. It’s cheap, easily to find and loved by millions…coconut oil.

No I’m not going mad. Yes I do mean just coconut oil. Nothing else. No essential oils, no peptides, no claims to make you look like the next Britian’s Top Model. Just raw, organic, cold pressed coconut oil.

The uses of this wonder products are huge! A handy diagram is below to explain all far quicker than I can…


When I was running out of my EH Amazing Face Cleanser and placing my order for my Balmology Balm cleanser, I wanted a cheap option I could use in the few days in between being cleanserless. I has already read about the huge beauty benefits of incorporating coconut oil into your routine and indeed your diet so wanted to give it a shot.

I did some research and found that the best oil to get is that which is:
– raw
– preferably organic
– cold pressed – as once heated many of the benefits of the oil are destroyed
– unbleached

The reasons for the above are simply to ensure the oil is capable of providing you with the maximum benefits as nature indented it. Faffing around with the oil will inevitably begin to modify its orional properties. In summary, think of it like buying a coconut that has been shoved in a jar and nothing else has been done to it.

I decided upon a small jar of the Biona Organic Coconut Oil as it ticked all those boxes and was relatively cheap (I actually got mine from eBay!)

On receiving, I really wanted to see what this smelt like. I was hoping for it to smell like holidays – y’know Hawaiian Tropics sun cream or Piña Cola. Surprisingly however – it smelt of coconut.

A little (irrationally) disappointed I used my Omorovicza spatula to scoop some out and test this bad boy out.


It is quite tough to get out at first but by jove once it hits the warmth of your skin – it quickly turns into a very runny oil! I hurriedly slapped it on my face. The texture was not at all what I was used to but was still pleasant. I rinsed and cleansed again.


My skin was left feeling soft, clean and a teeny bit oily which I didn’t mind. I was impressed!! I used this for a good 3 days as a cleanser both on morning and evenings. I have intermittent used as a cleanser since however have used more as a body moisturiser and for cooking. Who’d have thought those two things would ever go hand in hand??

I don’t think this substitutes a good balm cleanser such as the Balmology Sweet Basil and Neroli balm as my skin feels cleaner and better moisturised using a dedicated cleanser. However – it didn’t do a bad job!

As a word of warning, coconut oil is a comedogenic i.e can clog pores. This isn’t to say it will – but it could.


I have tried using this as a hair mask to ease my itchy scalp however to be honest you need to leave it in for a long time to see much benefit. I personally don’t like being in public looking like I’ve dipped my head in a deep fat fryer – but hey – that’s just me.

I’ve also used this stuff in some of my Clean & Lean recipes and it has added a wonderful flavour.

Try it for yourself and let me know what you think. You can get yours here:



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